Readers Choice | 3 December 2014 15:32 CET

Before you Insult Me, Get a Living First…….Singer, Olamide Warns

Nigerian celebrities with flaunting of material wealth and money is no longer news as they have continually explained that it is their own way of showing their happiness to fans who made them who they are today.

The latest to also show his wealth online is rapper, Olamide. The singer posted a picture of himself using a hug sum of money to make call while another large amount was placed beside him.

Knowing how attacking some fans can be, the rapper immediately warned his fans that before they say abusive words to him, they should make sure they have made a living for themselves before attacking him.

“Monday morning ... Back on my grind.. Before you comment your nonsense.. Hope say you de make money? #OLIC (Olamide Live In Concert) in 27days .. Street ti take over #streetot,” he stated.

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