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Nigeria Needs an Outstanding Leader and Not Religion……Omotola Affirms

After some reports had it that Governor Fashola of Lagos state would not be privilege to serve as deputy to any candidate that emerges as Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), due to his religion, some certain quotas are actually not satisfied with the excuse.

One of those who is an advocate for change in governance is Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade, who recently noted that not putting Governor Fashola or Donald Duke into consideration shows that Nigerian youths are being taken for granted.

According to the actress, the issue about zoning is not helping matters at all rather, what the country needs is a dynamic and outstanding leadership and the usual political business which amounts to nothing at the end of the day.

The actress, while responding to some questions from fans, stated that she is not in support of any political neither is she planning to delve into politics stressing that what matters most is what the emerging candidate has to offer the country.

She called on youths to be careful not to fall into the same pit of political reasoning as her message was not for any political party in particular.

“political plans not taking Donald duke/Babatunde Fashola in to consideration right now takes Nigerian youths for granted. Y'all going to learn!#change,” she stated.

Furthermore, the actress pointed that “We are tired of "the" Tired zoning and religious system! We want Dynamic outstanding Leaders! No more business as usual. #Change #Courage.”©

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