Nollywood Q&A | 29 November 2014 13:22 CET

Yes! I Can Marry A Prostitute- Lamboginny

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

He is one of Nigeria's fastest rising singer, Yinka Lawanson but popularly known as Lamboginny.

The popular saying that one man's meat is another's poison has been acted on by the 'Lose my head' singer who finds so much solace and passion performing for prisoners.

Lambo as he is often called by his close colleagues has a project that reaches out to commercial sex workers and he admitted he can marry one of them if its the will of God.

Hear him: "I don't know who my wife will be until I come across her and God tells me she is the one but the truth of the matter is that everybody has a negative story and a past. Although I have never experienced such, if she is a prostitute and she falls in love with me and the feeling is mutual, then there is no problem, we would get married. If God says she is my wife, so be it.

Nobody knows tomorrow and I don't dwell on the past because I believe in the future. To think of it, prostitutes have 'sprayed' me money when I was embarking on one of my projects that involved them. I was performing for them at a rehabilitation centre and they brought out their hard earned money to 'spray' me. They liked me that much and it is a very rare gesture."©

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