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Find That Woman and Set Her Free… Tourism ambassador, Tarmar Awobotu Begs

International model, Tourism ambassador, Miss tourism ogun state 2004, and Winner Top model worldwide 2012, Tarmar Awobotu, has taken to her page to give words of solace to the down trodden in the society.

According to her, no matter what anybody goes through in life, they should always remember there is someone they can always look up to who will never disappoint them.

Here is what she wrote;

“Who you are! You re beautiful, smart, funny, kind, unique. You re worthy of love and affection, you re never too much and you re always enough. You re precious, you re a diamond, a rose, a pearl, you re the most stunning of all God's creations. You are worth more than you can ever imagine. Worth more than the numbers on the scale, the hair products you use or the shoes you wear. More than how many girls want to be like you or how many guys wish they had you.

Your worth surpasses all earthly things, because in the eyes of The Lord God, you are loved and worth dyeing for regardless of whom you think you are. Whether you re a model in a magazine, or model poetry with grandma, whether you on the hotlist or the not list, or a high school drop out, whether you are miss popular or never had anyone you could call a friend, whether you are such a winner, or you think you lost, The reality is that you deserve someone who will give up their life for you because you are powerful, strong and capable .Read about the women in the bible Esther, Ruth, Martha, Mary..

These women changed the world forever. And inside each and everyone of you is a woman with that same world changing capability. And your responsibility is to find that woman and set her FREE. This is WHO YOU ARE...and any negative voice telling you otherwise, let them know you are a daughter of Zion, not me Satan; I am the daughter of a Living God. Cherished, loved, and adored above all things, by the creator of all things, for the Glory of him who is Greater than all things ... I AM AWESOME and please don't forget this.”

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