Nollywood Q&A | 7 May 2014 17:21 CET

I Am Making An Impact In The Society--Cossy Orjiakor Boasts

Controversial Nollywood actress cum musician, Cossy Orjiakor, might want to prove her critics wrong as she hopes to settle down someday. The actress, in a recent chat with, though accepted that she is a bad girl, expressed her mind that she is not a p*rn star as some believe, and as such, people should just be mindful of the way they accuse her wrongly.

People see Cossy as a bad girl, can we truly get to know who this damsel is?

Yeah I am bad.....(bold and different). I watched movies a lot when I was young.

Why did you go into acting over other professions?

[Some big stars] were were the only visible role models then, that's why I went into acting.

How many movies have you featured in?

I can't really figure out the number of movies I have done so far.

Some people don't appreciate tattoo, what does tattoo mean to you and why do you have it?

I had my first tattoo cut just because I wanted to know what it felt like [having one]. But I made sure I had them where I could cover them up [from people].

What does controversy mean to you?

Controversies means being different and [I am] loving it.

It's like you hate men because you don't like talking about them, why?

I love men and that's why I don't talk about them. Most men don't like to be talked about?

At what age do you intend to settle down and how many kids do you intend to have?

I will settle down when it's the right time. God's time is the best. I love children. I will have mine and adopt as well.

What's your relationship with Afrocandy and Maheeda?

I can't really talk about people I have not met before.

Some schools of thought see you as a p*rn star, can you act n*de in a movie?

It depends, if there is a p*rn movie starring me, then I am a porn star. If there is none, then the people in that school of thought should go back to school

Someday, you will get married, will you still continue with this way of life?

When I am married, I may have a different school of thought because marriage is an institution you never graduate from.

What impact do you want make in the society?

I am making an impact in the society right now. Because if am not, I doubt if you will want an interview.

How would you rate the Nigerian entertainment industry and what are the challenges confronting it?

We are doing good.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me means being comfortable in whatever you are wearing and also expressing yourself in what ever way you choose to.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

I have a lot of designer cloths, shoes and bags. i love all of them. I don't have any favourite.

What's your favourite perfume and make?

I love playing around with different perfumes. I always get lots of designer perfume.

You love going on high heels shoes, why?

I love high heels and also flats too. You can't go to a ball on flats and you can't go to the beach on heels. So every shoe have an occasion for it.

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