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Exclusive: Shedi Baba Accuses Julius Agwu, AY, Danni Bee Of Rituals

Source: Joy Akosa and Osaremen Ehi James/
AY and Julius Agwu

AY and Julius Agwu

***Shedi Baba Is Mental--AY

If report reaching us from the camp of comedian, Shedi Baba is anything to go by, Julius Agwu, AY, MC Danni Bee and few other comedians may be in for a big trouble. This is because the former has accused his colleagues of using his 'star' to rise to fame.

It would be recalled that several months ago, Shedi Baba was reportedly down with an ailment, which kept him away from the scene for a long time.

On Wednesday, Shedi Baba sent out a message on Blackberry, which was made available to We quickly swung into action to get to the root of the allegations raised by Shedi Baba in the broadcast and also went as far as speaking with him, his younger brother (Danni Bee), their father and AY.

Below is the message sent out on Wednesday by Shedi Baba;

"mY evil Younger broTher MC Dani Bee d Comedian is a hired killer / Murderer who Teamed up wiT some evil comedians, TheY assasinaTed Mε in JulY 2011 n Trew Mε inTo Oniru beach b4 JESUS rose Mε, Took care of mY injuries in d AnTlanTic Ocean, gave Mε back mY Life n brouT Mε 2 d drYland sea shore of Oniru Beach! Tank U JESUS eh!

"Took mY blood sample 2 comedians indian Talinsman 2 manipulaTe mY desTinY n sTeal my sTar!

"MY Pple pls be verY Prayerful n careful wiT Blood BroThers n SisTers who řε desTinY Exchangers n STAR sTealers who Takes Ur original n give U phoTo CopY buT GOD ALMiGHTY who brouT Mε 2 Life ll bring Ur STAR n LiGHT back 2 LighT iJn.

"Please řε broadcasT n open someones eYes To dis wicked world. Dis is mY sTorY."

Shedi Baba Aba Atta MCGCFR FM1."

When contacted by, Shedi Baba confirmed to us that he actually sent out the broadcast message on Blackberry and that the allegations were true. When pressed further to mention names of the comedians behind his ordeal, he said, "They are very plenty (many), Yaw (Wazobia FM presenter) is there, I Go Dye is there, Julius Agu, AY is the prime suspect; AY was my boy, he used to come to my place, where I live back then opposite Silverbird Gallery, not knowing that AY used to take my clothes and comedy CD's to white garment church. They all conspired (with others) just to take my star and make fame and money, including my brother comedian, MC Danni Bee.

"My brother has disappeared since I got to know about the truth. My police friends are angry, my military friends, and all my friends are angry; even the host of angels are angry. They have declared him wanted, he has switched off his phone because he threatened this time around that he was going to send area boys to kill me. I now called my lawyer and told him, look, I can't continue running, see what this boy has said.

"My lawyer then called him that he should send his address that he wants to send him a letter to appear in court for ganging up (against me) and (for) attempted assassination in 2011. And also in 2013, he sent area boys to beat me up. They stole my phone, took sample of my blood, broke my walking stick which is my staff of honour, tied me up and took me back to the psychiatric hospital for the second time, and told me I won't come out again until Jesus took me up.

"This was the boy I bathed when he was little, I backed to Sunday School, when I did my first comedy book in 1996, Time To Smile, I was the first comedian to ever produce a comedy book. My brother and the comedians conspired to tie my destiny, that's why they don't invite me to their shows to perform. They saw I had potentials and how I was making it and decided to kill me, until God revealed it to me.

"I went for prayer at Ori Oke, I was inside the water for so many days. They came to attack me there, but they couldn't enter the water. Each time they tried to enter and the water touches them, they disappear. I thank God for saving me."

Reacting to the allegations, when contacted, AY told that Shedi baba was just mentally troubled and looking for whom to bring down.

"I cut him off a long time ago when he put out a nude picture of his girlfriend in one of the magazines over a quarrel. Everyone in the industry knows he's an attention seeking person. I can't be a party to all what he has said. He is just looking for who to drag down to his level, I can only pray for God to deliver him.

"Homosexuality will never reign in my generation today and years to come. From his message, they stole his star at Oniru Beach in 2011. God started blessing me in the industry since 2006 till date. If I am a star stealer, God would not bring in fresh comedians who are even funnier than I am through me. He should go and ask God for forgiveness and those he treated so bad," AY told us.

Shedi Baba

On his part, Danni Bee, when contacted by on Thursday to speak on the matter, referred us to his father, who he said was in the best position to talk on the issue.

On Friday, a man, who identified himself as Engr. Baba, and said he was the father to Shedi Baba and Danni Bee, informed us that the matter has been settled by the family. "We have resolved the matter in the family way. I want all matter regarding this to be withdrawn from the internet," Engr. Baba told over the phone.

All efforts made by to speak with Julius Agwu on this matter were not futile as his phone number was not reachable before publishing this story.

Additional report by Osaremen Ehi James

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