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I and W4 were never in a relationship.....ADOKIYE

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I know by now we should have known who this gorgeously looking diva is, as she was recently featured on our website, when she disclosed that she can never be caught wearing skin cut.

But this time , our correspondent also cut up with the super star , as she clear the air on the news going viral online that she pose n*de for a certain amount of money in a New York Magazine . Enjoy.

How did you come about music?

Music for me is something I've always wanted to do and love, so I just wanted the right time to get into it and I believe this is the right time.

What does music mean to you?

Music means everything to me, they say music breathe life into any troubled soul, but I breathe life into music, it's part of me sometimes when am sleeping am singing, when dancing I'm singing, so it's just something I love.

We once heard that you and W4 were having affairs was that true?

No, we were never in any relationship but we were just friends and he was a colleague too

What can you say about the nude picture that went viral online ?

Well, that actually got leaked, though I modelled when I was in New York. I worked with few people and at that point in time, somehow, some pictures came out even when all the process have not gone far and I never pose nude I just showed my skin I didn't expose the essential part as a woman. And for the fact that I'm showing skin, doesn't mean am posing nude , also am an architect and creativity is part of my thing. You know as an architect being creative architectly is something I should know. So if you ask me I will say that I didn't pose nude I only showed skin because I didn't show the part I was suppose to show .

Were you really paid for it?

Officially I was paid

But do you ever regret posing nude?

Like I said, am an architect and creativity is part of my thing, I do music I sing music, I think music I sale music and I interpret music. And as an architect, as a musician, I'm creative and I have never for once regretted what I did. But at the end of the day I just want people to believe that what I do or how I did it, they should just understand and believe positively that I have a lot to show and a lot to tell people through my music.

What was your parents' reaction towards the picture?

My parents are understanding because they know the daughter they have. They know what I do doesn't affect me psychologically and physically so they support me in anything I want to do and I don't do anything without informing them.

Your education background?

I studied architecture professional architect and I graduated four years ago from Marithas University

Are you dumping it for music or what?

For now it's on pause for music

How will you define Afro pop song or music?

It's a general music that is beautiful. I will like to say that afro pop to me is a genre that brings you close to home and I think Afro pop genre or music should be something traditional for me as an artistes, it's something that is so beautiful and has a lot to speak about Africa.

So how did you start music professionally?

Well, like I said I've been waiting for the right time, so I just thought okay the time I started was the right time and I felt like going into it officially

Which Nigerian artiste do you look up to ?

Well people that I will say I respect what they have done and what they are doing are the likes of Onyeka Owenu , King Sunny Ade and Bob Mally .Bob Mally is somebody I will keep loving his music and I also respect Tiwa Savage .But Internationally I have a lot of them like Lorry hill , Bob Mally , Rihanna and Madonna and I listen to their songs a lot because I love what they are doing

What do your songs talk about?

I always have a message that I pass across with my songs, I just don't sing because I want to and I love to preach about love I also wish to be the next Saint Valentine, to send messages to people .
When I sing let people understand what I believe and to tell them that it's just one thing that you need to keep you going and that is love. The love of Christ should be in us, lets love people and our neighbours

Apart from just releasing your single what else are you doing presently?

I keep working I work all the time and presently by God's grace am trying to venture into movie so with time am going to enter into the movie industry .Because acting for me is a natural skill so movie is something am beginning to consider

What are the changes you've observed in the entertainment industry?

Entertainment industry in Nigeria is coming up strong, compare to four years ago .Now you can compare our entertainment industry with the international entertainment industry

Where do you see yourself in future?

By God's grace am going to be a household name like the ex- pop stars in Africa and I want to work with Rihanna I hope to work with her soon. Also, I don't want to do music in Nigeria though Nigeria is my root, it's a place that I will never leave, its where am coming from. But no matter how I try to go international, my afro pop is something that will actually impact in whatever I do in music


How was growing up like?

It was strict; it wasn't fun because I grew up with a mind set of becoming a reverend sister. All my life from Kindergarten to university level, it was always private Catholics Missionary School. So I wasn't like a normal kid though it was fun.

So, what stops you from becoming a reverend sister after school instead of music?

You know this thing goes with the call; sometimes you love something so much and so bad but at the end of the day if it is not your call.
So, becoming a reverend sister is not something you just like and venture into it, but with lots of prayer and consultation and as time goes on you will discover that it is not your call

Your words of advice to fellow upcoming artistes?

Yeah,it's not easy of trying to fight for your name, fame , platform recognition and your music, but I will like to say what you need as an upcoming artiste is just having God by your side in anything you do. Because you might do a hit and at the end of the day people will not like it, that's why they say man purpose and God disposes, always have God by your side , be hard working and focused in all you do .


I think challenges are everywhere, getting into a new thing is a challenge, not to talk of fighting for the acceptance. So it's a big work that's why I said with God by your side things will just be getting better

What makes you different from other artistes?

It's my kind of music. I'm making myself different in the sense that I want to make my kind of music different, I want to make the feel of my music different, I want to start doing things that is not like the regular thing, I want to do something that is not normal and when I say not normal, I don't mean mad songs, but giving you different tune of what you have heard before and making you end up loving it and appreciating it. And I pray by God's grace you just keep supporting me and keep loving me

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