Nollywood At Large | 18 May 2008 06:06 CET


By By Leke Adeneye

Now, what will be your comment about the speculations in certain quarters that your long travel was to escape for a while from some suspected crisis within your marriage to Uncle Olu Jacobs?

J "Really? I find that very interesting. They should have rather said that a while back when there were problems, but they are saying it now when there are none. Like all marriages, we have had our problems. Unless they are dishonest with each other, as a couple, will you say your marriage doesn't face any kind of problem? Ours has had it share, but what I do say each time is that ours is a marriage that God wanted. There are some challenges that when they occur, it could be him or me who would say 'That's it, I've had enough'. One of us would just say 'Okay I've made a mistake in this area, just show me how to sort it out' and that has been the story of our marriage"

What can you tell couples, especially celebrity couples who look up to yours as a model long-lasting marriage?

J "What can I say? Stop looking up to me. Because from them too, I'm pretty sure I can learn a lot. Well, the bible says the three-fold card is not easily broken, so let God be the third party in your relationship and it will surely last"

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