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The Thrills and Intrigues of Oge Okoye’s Photo Speak Filmed Shoot

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This is characteristic of what many movie buffs in this part of the world are wont to do; and in the order clime, they may not be surprised as they are used to this latest phenomenon in cinematography. How do we mean? If you have watched Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' you would definitely appreciate this piece of art the Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye has tried to put together here.

From the fore going, it's only evident that most lovers of the tube when it comes to movies are not exempted from due and undue criticisms of some flicks, especially when they are getting to witness such projection in movie making. Oge Okoye's latest display in what she is known best to do elicited diverse opinions from her known and unknown fans.

Quite a large number of Oge's admirers have randomly frowned at her recent photo speak filmed shoot on 'TIME,' culled from her name, Ogechi, meaning 'time waits for no one,' shot by Moussa Moussa and directed by Egor Efiok. However, the delectable mother of two is being lampooned by a barrage of comments because this is the first-ever photo speak film to be done by anyone in the entire African continent nay film making.

Arguably, the sultry actress tried as much as possible to speak with photos through series of displays but just as it's in usual reels, the movies we are used to are all about make-believe and nothing short of that. For those who have savoured the scintillating story captured in photo form, you would agree with us that the screen goddess was highly commended for her artistic prowess and intuition applied in the novel and unprecedented artwork in 'TIME'.

Oge's photo speak filmed shoot begins with a presentation by the supermodel, the United Nations Peace Ambassador, Utchay Odims, intimating the audience about what was imminent. In the ensuing dramatization, Oge is filmed relaxing in her hotel room when she receives a phone call from someone telling her that she has a guest at the reception. Oge, according to the story, was meant to travel in two hours and her taxi driver was already on his way to pick her.

As she sits in her room waiting for her guest to walk in from the reception, her eye catches the clock and she looks confused, gazes at her wristwatch and then back at the clock. Alas!, she suddenly realises that she had forgotten to set her wristwatch back to the Nigerian time on her return from London two days earlier; and as we all know, London is an hour behind Nigeria. Apparently, she is on the verge of missing her flight.

She grabs her luggage and races to her car, unknown to her that her perfume, hairbrush and one glass slipper have fallen out of her hand luggage in the course of her rush hour. She, in the process, misses her expected guest by the whiskers. And all of these is about TIME! Which is aptly epitomized in the now controversial Oge Okoye's photo speak filmed shoot.

Well, don't be surprised that in the nearest future, most players in the industry may begin to take cue after this symbolic piece of art; of course, forgetting that it was flagrantly labeled in many terms that were mostly uncomplimentary.

“Oge really surprised me during this shoot. When I asked her to look sad and forlorn to picture herself being maltreated by an evil step-mum, she gave me some sad looks and then, out of the blues, she said, "you want tears"? As I stuttered, "erm...maybe...but it's not that serious", Oge just released her water works so suddenly that she took us all by surprise! I was telling Moussa to quickly snap away before she stops, though I needn't have bothered, as she only stopped after she was sure we had enough shots. Oge was so convincing that she had all the ladies go "awwww" and even my eyes watered,” Egor Efiok, the director of the pictorial film said wittingly.

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