Relationships | 19 December 2012 13:28 CET


By Bola Dauda

One of the actresses on the bloc whose marital home is going through turbulent times has cried out that nobody should blame her if she ends up snatching another person's husband, the reason is because, according to her, a woman snatched her fiancé who was about to be married to her before the cookies crumbled.

This is what she said about her intention to snatch another woman's husband, ''I'm hot and can't think of a better way of getting along other than to take it on another lady. I'm a young actress and really want to excel in this job hence I've been going from one movie location to the other trying to prove what I've got to directors and producers.

While I was struggling to get my acting career going, a lady was busy sleeping with my fiancé. I got to know about her illicit affair with my man some months back.

Few weeks ago I confronted him and he didn't even deny it because, according to him, I don't give him attention anymore and the lady is always there for him whenever he needs a women.

Now the deed has been done. My man has gone to do formal introduction in her family house here in Lagos and I hear they will be getting married early next year. I don't want to cause problem for them otherwise people will see me as a desperado.

My friends even told me to let go and get myself another man since this one has said he can't marry me. But I'm hurt and my mind is made up. I will have no choice but to snatch another lady's man even if the person is a married man, I don't care. ''

Dear readers, in all sincerity, what do you think of this act? What if you were the one in her shoe, what would you do?

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