Foreign | 9 December 2012 03:28 CET

PICTURES: Nigeria Musician Gives House To Ghana Actress Lover, Bibi Bright …Baby Mama, Kids Stay In Rented Apartment

Source: Yemoh Ike/

Jonathan Nwadinobi popularly known as Eze of Common Anago fame (Nigerian musician) is a household name in Nigeria's entertainment scenes and beyond. Before now, he was said to be secretly seeing the beautiful Ghana actress, Bibi Bright. The Ghana's most promised actress has denied this vehemently; however, there are strong indications that, the two are lovers.

When these two loverbirds were confronted a few months ago to comment about their rumoured secret affair, they both denied the allegation saying they don't even know each other. But information reaching indicates that the two allegedly lied and that Eze proposed marriage with a four bedroom house to Bibi Bright on Friday the 30th of November.

From sources, Eze is a father of three and his babies' mama and kids stays in a rented apartment with the kids. Their (mother and kids) tenancy is due already yet Eze has no intention of re-paying or re-locating them. Upon hearing the news, Eze laughed out his throat “it's one of the scenes in my upcoming movie… sorry, video,” he fumbles but clearly, he stated that the video features Bibi Bright and that he is a very responsible man. “A man who will never trade his kids for pleasure” he added.

Nevertheless, in an interview with the upcoming actress, once again, she denied knowing Eze even when we told her we've got prove of the allegation. “Why can't you guys believe me? I only know of his song 'Uredia' featuring Tinny. I don't care about whatever you claim to have” she cuts the line.

From the informant, the house is in Adjei-Kojo, a suburb of Tema-west near the Kuffour Estate. It's a creamy paint outside with white colour paint inside. Visibility of the motor-way is high when one stands at the black gate of the already fenced house.

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