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Toni Payne; Seeking Relevance Through K-Solo's Troubled Marriage?

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It is no news that the barely one year old marriage of top music producer cum singer, Solomon Oyeniyi, otherwise known as K-Solo, to his estranged wife, Kikelomo, is on the verge of collapse. The singer is also reported to be engaged to his ex-girlfriend of seven years, Bimbo, who Kike allegedly chased away when she met K-Solo in September 2011 before getting married to him in November 2011.

For those who knew my stand on the issue when posted online an interview Kike granted City People magazine, I condemned his action, though not publicly or in my stories, as I am not ethically permitted to do that unless through an opinion story like the one I am doing now.

After posting the interview online, I was one of the first people, if not the first person to post pictures of Kike's battered face online. This is to show how I kick against a man beating a woman.

When in 2010, 9ice announced his separation from his estranged wife, Toni Payne, many issues, which included an alleged insinuated infidelity by Toni Payne with Ruggedman, who reportedly made 9ice meet Toni Payne, were raised. This alleged insinuation came about from 9ice's controversial track 'Once Bitten'.

I remember in early 2012, when my stories on 9ice and Toni Payne were seen as a target on them, Toni Payne viewed me as an enemy that should be avoided at arms length. She even sent harsh messages to me cursing and abusing me, but I never replied her with a story or otherwise.

She even told some people in the industry that I was reporting about her personal life with my stories and was involving myself in her family issues, which to her, was none of my business. She went as far as blocking me on twitter to show the extent of her bitterness with me.

In all, 9ice remained cool with me and never attacked me directly, which I saluted him for. A man will always be a man. And asked why I stopped my stories on them, I did because of 9ice who was gentleman enough to behave matured unlike his estranged wife, Toni Payne.

It was a rude shock to me when I learnt that Toni Payne, who once accused me of interfering in her private matters, would publicly attack K-Solo on twitter over his troubled marriage with Kike, which Toni Payne is also experiencing with 9ice (though not same circumstances).

I find it hard to believe that Toni Payne would want to use K-Solo to gain relevance again since nothing new about her has made news lately. Is this a case of a pot calling the kettle black? Will it not be advisable for Toni Payne go and settle her marriage problems with 9ice rather than meddle in another person's marriage? Or rather concentrate on her show, which is still struggling to gain ground?

Now that she has achieved her mission; that is, being in the news again with her public attack on K-Solo, will she now go back to where she belongs? Toni Payne, don't bother to respond because I am ready to spill some beans.

I may not be in support of K-Solo's action (denying a child's paternity), but has anyone tried to find out why he took such action? Is it the joy of a man to do such to an innocent child without any genuine reason? Only K-Solo best knows where the shoe pinches him. Until he openly pours out his mind to the public, which I am working hard to do, let's keep our fingers crossed and never pass the wrong judgement.

Toni Payne, go back to 9ice, he will make you popular again. Don't be like that lawmaker who used fuel subsidy to gain people's sympathy.

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