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Peter of P-Square On Mission To 'Kill' Female Fans With Sexy 6 Packs' Body?

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/

If there is one special feature most ladies like about guys, that would be the six packs. Most ladies can melt at the sight of seeing the six packs on a guys body when such guy pulls off his cloth.

With special gyming routine, a guy develops the six packs, which sexily shows the ribs in the body; three at each at the two sides of the stomach area.

Soon after their Onyinye music video with Rick Ross, Peter Okoye of P-Square disclosed about his unhappiness that his once visible six packs was not visible in the music video. He then went back to the gym afterwards.

Just last week, Peter posted online some sexy pictures of himself now having the six packs back. Already, many female fans of Peter have responded on how sexy he looks. Some have even made known that they wished he could be their 'man'.

This made to ask if Peter is really on a mission to 'kill' his female fans with his sexy six packs?

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