Celebrity | 29 September 2007 01:23 CET


By By Victor Akande

This indeed is the dreams of the organizers of the Face of Peace Beauty Pageant, a clear-cup and mission-spelt beauty pageant that is expected to produce annually, an ambassador who would champion the pro active mission of dousing the tension in a troubled world.

Organisers of the show who announced this last week, Friday September 21, a day set aside by the United Nations as International Day of Peace, said it was for this all-important initiative, which has been largely hampered and which disruption is causing displacement and deprivation for women and children, that the pageant will debut before the end of the year. The group is made up of experienced and vision-driven members in the entertainment industry, among them, Salis
Abdulsalam, National Cordinator; actor Zack Orji, Patron/Trustee and Mr. Joseph Odobiatu, CEO O'jez Group, as partner. Others are, Dike Pascal, National Publicity Secretary and Adewole Adejuwon, Zonal Cordinator, South-West.

The group which emphasized the seriousness of this pageant would prefer to expunge the world 'Beauty' from the acronym, if necessary, at least to differentiate it from the common place beauty pageants which have been largely criticized as exploitative to the pride of women, lacking in definite objectives, glamorous in nature and never fulfilling the mission promises of the reigning beauty queens. They therefore maintained that ambiance and credibility of participants are key to the objectives of the project.

Eligible contestants will include past beauty queens and female movie and music stars who have been relatively free of scandals. The choice of stars stems from the reason of charisma, popularity and fan appeal. The project, which will host a peace concert in the six geo-political zones of the country is also expected to be African in nature. According to Zack Orji, "we are not looking at a pageant where women are going to be baring their legs, parading the stage in Bikinis, no! this is African in nature.

They assured that the event will have build up through which the public will be sensitized about their participations in choosing a face for the peace mission, adding that although official judges for the grand finale will constitute about 30 per cent, the contest will be judged by viewers/public via the media and telecommunications services.

Talking further about the prompting, Salis Abdulsalam who added with obvious seriousness, the intention of the group to sponsor a bill to the National Assembly to recognize world Peace day chronicled the aims of the project as including; having a beauty pageant solely dedicated to humanitarian services and thus refocusing the core compassionate values of womanhood; giving Nigerians the opportunity to choose a peace ambassador and thus have a human symbol of peace who would preach peace the year round and propagate the plight of displaced women and children; to be a rallying point for women victims of crises and, drawing the attention of Nigerians to the negative effects of crises while creating sustainable efforts to cushion this.

The pageant proper, from next year will hold precisely on September 21

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