City Flame | 6 September 2007 13:09 CET

AMEBO ! ! !

•Who says versatile actor and director, Ernest Obi does not like 'handbags' with a passion? Well, whoever is having such impression should better have a rethink now before it's too late.
Those who know this hair-weaving actor very well squealed that whenever he is chatting with a 'kokolet' or 'mamalet', as the case may be, nothing else can draw his attention away, even if it is a business offer!
Searchlight also saw an empirical evidence recently at an event where Ernest, who was enjoying the company of the two 'kokolets' he came with refused to honour the MC's invitation to the high table where most of his colleagues were seated.

•The fourth edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search has come and gone, but apart from the shocking death of one of the contestants, Mudiaga Ogadje, there is something the other contestants and even viewers will no forget in a hurry. It was the host's style of anchoring the reality programme. Most viewers were of the opinion that Bob Manuel Udokwu, the host, was too friendly with the contestants and did not create much suspense and action they way Chidi Mokeme did during the first edition.
But surprisingly, Bob Manuel himself has a different opinion. He says he is the better anchor.

•Hope you folks are aware that Bond Emeruwa is the new President of Directors Guild of Nigeria? Yes, he was recently sworn in after winning a keenly contested election.

But while many people think he has stepped into a shoe that seems bigger than him, Bond sees the task as fun because according to him, he's prepared to face the challenges.

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