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Segun Arize Mislead Ghanaians On the Ghana Movies Banned Saga And Ignorantly Insults African Journalist

Source: Babajide Ogunbumi/

Segun Arinze Speaks On Marketers' Ban On Ghanaian Movies In Nigeria**Insults Nigerian Journalists

Some hours after posted an article about the ban of Ghanaian films in Nigeria, Segun Arinze called Mustapha Ayinde Inusah AKA Attractive Ayinde, one of Ghana's top journalists, who also report for,that he should enlighten Ghanaians not to take the words of the movie marketers in Nigeria serious.

You can read the interview Segun Arinze had with Attractive Ayinde on radio In Ghana and how ignorantly he spoke against Nigerian and African Journalists

If it happens to be true that Segun Arinze made all these allegations, then will like to know; Between Segun Arize and movie marketers in Nigeria, who should be taken serious?

In a chit-chat with Segun Arinze, the former president of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), denied any such thing happening.

In his words, “we have created a very good relationship with Ghanaians and nothing will ever let us have a break up. The story is absolutely bunkum!”, he said.

“My only advice to Nigerian and African journalists is that they should be very careful with the way they spread false news since this statement they have released about Nigerian banning Ghanaian movies can cause state problems.

"I plead on behalf of Nigerians that Ghanaians shouldn't take any statement of Ghana/Nigeria rivalry serious until they hear it from some of us”, he stated.

He also added that they are busy working on Nollywood at 20 and believes in enterprise. So, banning Ghanaian movies in Nigeria will not profit them in any sense but rather limit their market scope.

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