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Going by the information reaching us,the chairman of Board of Trustees of Actors' Guild of Nigeria(AGN), Prince Ifeanyi Dike has delved into a new and lucrative business which he considers more solemn than any of the numerous AGN activities.

After his successful kidney surgery in India last year,Prince Dike has allegedly kicked-off a consultation business for Nigerians who are facing similar health problems.

It was informed that he is taking Nigerians to India for operation.

It could be recalled that few weeks back,rumor mongers peddled the gist of how Prince Dike returned to India for further treatment.

It was later revealed by insider sources that the veteran actor did not fall sick again as believed by many people,and did not travel to India for further treatment, rather he escorted another sick Nigerians to the Asian country for treatment.

Initially,other members of AGN rained accolades on Prince Dike for this philanthropic gesture to well meaningful Nigerians.

However,they have since withdrawn the accolades when it was later disclosed that Prince Dike who has taken over four individuals to India in the past few months has not been engaging in charity work as many think.

According to them,Prince Dike charges the relatives of these sick people whooping amount of money before traveling with them.Aside the cash allegedly collected,Prince Dike gets his return ticket,hotel accommodation and feeding allowance from these individuals before leaving the country.

Going by the information gathered from these insider sources,his numerous trips to India was responsible for his absence at the dashed AGN election at Benin city weeks back.

Prince Dike was said to have abandoned this important guild activity in the hands of his subordinates and travelled with a patient to India.

Meanwhile the ever bubbling chairman is cooking a hot partnership between Nollywood and Bollywood.

It was gathered that he is arranging a film festival that will involve both countries and has even gotten the nod of the Nigerian High Commissioner to India.

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