Nollywood Q&A | 20 February 2012 00:39 CET



It is the general belief that men should be older than their wives or in some cases of the same age with them. African culture frowns at older women dating younger men.

Once considered taboo and very controversial by society's standards, more and more younger men are getting hitched to older women these days and loving it.

In the picture above is a couple that recently got married.

But what baffles me about their union is that the bride is old enough to be the groom's grandmother.

Although,love they say never conforms to logic or to any perfect standard and therefore we can never know for sure who will catch our eye and who will not.

But the big question is ;

What's the benefit of love and sex in a relationship with an older woman?

Besides the clich? of great sex, what's the advantage to an older woman in being with a younger man?

Is having a good sex life integral to having a good life?

The couple spotted on the street few days to their wedding in Lagos

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