Nollywood Crime Watch | 20 October 2011 06:53 CET

Road Accident: BRT Bus, Danfo, Molue Injure Many


Road Accident: BRT Bus, Danfo, Molu Injure Many
About a two minutes ago, a fatal accident that seriously wounded many occurred along Ikeja Railway side.

The incident, which left a pregnant woman amongst others seriously wounded we were told by an eye witness, was caused by an a. Motorbike rider who was said to have swung to where Fashola's bus was packed, hit his head and fell to the ground. An oncoming Danfo, coming behind, manoeuvred so as not to crush the okada man, got his car, filled with 12 passenger, smatched to the BRT bus and about 9 from the passengers sustained serious injuries including a pregnant woman.

All effort to reach the appropriate authority to come for the rescue of the victims was aborted as one hour after they promised to come, the people were still lying helplessly beside the road where they're moved to by good Samaritans.

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