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Fathia Balogun Dares Ex- Husband, Saidi Blogun.

By Bola Dauda

The controversial divorce of two prominent yoruba movie stars, Fathia and saidi balogun is still a matter that is generating an eyebrow among their teeming fans. The both love birds parted ways on the basis of individual ego and other counter acquisitions coming from the two famous movie guru. Since their separation, several issues involved the two prominent movie stars were revealed to the public which still remain an amazing part of the separation.

Shortly after their divorce, it was gathered that saidi balogun re-married to a London based big babe but the union collapsed in a day time. Also rumor had it that James bond of Naija movie actor saidi balogun had a hot romance with the star actress, funke adesiyan which later turned out to be the most celebrated controversial romance. The relationship crashed as a result of what funke described as hell of her dear life.

Also fathia balogun sometime ago, proposed to become a new bridegroom to an American based big boy, but the marriage could not hold because the charming prince was still legally marry to his wife. But the Edo born talented actress disclosed the proposed marriage to the said guy was a tools she used to woe the general public and to get a medial attention because she claimed that she was in no time plan any marriage with anybody. She maintained that the issue of marriage is a close chapter for now because she needs more concentration in her blossom acting career

The multiple award winning star actress registered that his ex-husband, saidi balogun, was only toying over his decision to stop her from further using of the name “balogun”. Fathia in her response, 'I laugh, my name is fathia balogun and it's going to remain Balogun for life' She further boasted, 'nobody can ever change that and nobody can stop me from answering that name'

Fathia's response can certainly brew up a battle of the fittest because it would be re-called that saidi balogun once said in an interview that he would soon stop fathia from appending BALOGUN to her name which the star actress remain adamant and described the decision as a child's play.

Saidi Blogun

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