City Flame | 12 July 2011 15:51 CET



The Biafran warlord has just suffered his second stroke and his condition is recorded as grave as you read this.

His condition relapsed on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 in Lynden Hill Clinic located in Reading, a therapeutic center for recovering patients. And he was immediately rushed, to the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

According to sources, “His condition deteriorated after he was moved from Wellington Hospital to Lynden home by Bianca and kept incommunicado from his older children and other family members. She also signed a paper permitting only her children as next-of-kin and can only receive visits from some high profile government dignitaries.

The source further reveals that,” Bianca and his older children have been on war path since the Ikemba took ill in December 2010 and it has to do with the fact that the warlord's older children and other family members did not hear of his ill health until it was too late.

He was kept in the house in the East after he had suffered a stroke in December and a house doctor was brought in to attend to him. There was no CT scan done or other measures taken to ensure his recovery. It was when an old family friend visited and went upstairs to see the Ikemba in coma that he called one of the in-house staff who helped carry the Ikemba in the back of his car to the hospital from where he was transferred to the UK.

This old family friend it was, who quickly alerted the other family members of the health situation of the Eze-igbo.

The source went further, “The Eze-igbo was at home for three weeks after the stroke before he was shipped to hospital by the family friend who defied Bianca's order to let him recuperate at home.

The doctor who was attending to him at home only put him on drip that the whole time without looking at his medical history and it was the drip that shut his system down further according to medical reports from the UK.It took the hospital in the UK ten days to detox his system and the doctors said if he had not been flown abroad at the time he did, he would have died that same week”.

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