AMEBO | 5 July 2011 09:39 CET

Eunice Efole, Peter Igho In Secret Romance?


Is a secret romance on?

That was the poser on the lips of many that witnssed a spectale that came to be recently.

The happenstance came to be on Saturday June 25 2011.

It transpired during this year's edition of beauty pegeant, Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria.

The venue was Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos.

Peter Igho, the former Nigeria Television Authority man and self style property merhchant, Eunice Efole were an item at the event-and tried hard to be as incospicous as possible.

They sat side by side- but Igho's attention was fixated on his friend and fellow guest at the place, Mr Bisi Olatilo inside the venue.

According to a source 'he barely exchanged worlds with Eunice all through this period'

But when the time to go came- they left one after another and wait for this....Efole clambered into Igho's Jeep with him.

But they were not able to leave without interruption- a commercial photographer that took them sitting together qucikly accosted Eunice with his wares and requested for payment.

Eunice reportedly collected the pictures with the words "collect the money from Daddy"

Igho was said to have quickly dipped his hand into his pocket and thrust a fistful of naira into the waiting hands of the photographer and zoomed off.

Commented an obsrever at the scene 'obviously there is something amiss with those two, they didnt behave in a straight forward manner... the lady obviously wants to be seen- the man comes across as relunctant'

This diversity in the attitudes of Igho and Efole is the seed of the current poser of whether a romance is on or not begining to swirl around their persons.

Peter Igho is a respected professional of his trade- while Eunice Efole is a celebrated party girl with a recognised excessive flair to be identified with known names at events.

The tag care taker- directly and indirectly- of the amorous needs of those she strive to relate with was added to her resume based on explosive revelations from her former protege, Kessiena Salubi.

Whether this controversial character has merged with the respected figure for common leisure is yet to be established.

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