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NFC: Reasons Why Celebrities’ Relationships Do Not Last

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Ibinabo Fiberesima

Ibinabo Fiberesima

I have often pondered why celebrities' relationships do not last. It has always seemed so outlandish to me that most of them get married, and then a month later you see them in the newspaper, on the TV and magazine with another person. You always read something about someone leaving another as in the case of Fred Amata leaving his wife (Agatha Fred) for Ibinabo Fiberesima.

Why is that?

For me there are probably several reasons why the relationships don't last. One of the reasons is that a celebrity is a busy life. Also it is a pretty lonely life as well. Most celebrities are sex- crazy, indiscipline and indecisive. They do them not have or radiate circumspection when it comes to love relationship. I mean they are bamboozled in looking for a compatible companion or spouse that will love them for who they are and not what they are. This is because they are easily attracted by appearance and not the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. This is why so many celebrities are lesbians, drug addicts and alcoholics. Just imagine what it must be like to be famous for a moment. You can't go for shopping anywhere you want because a mob of crazy fans will form. You can't go out to eat wherever you would like for the same reason. You can't walk down the street without some kind of disguise because you will get attracted by people who want you to write your name on whatever they have with them. People who are not famous usually think that it is glamorous to have fans and be rich. But I think it is lonely life, which many other persons would not find commendable. I think the answer is simpler than we think. If you are a fan of someone you are actually a fan of their work more than anything else. That may sound ridiculous but the fact is that not many people really know much about the celebrities they worship. Great men think they are in love with Genevieve Nnaji of Nollywood all the time but they do not know anything about her expect that she is good looking and makes good movies.

Are appearances always right?

Appearance can be deceptive. Nowadays people class you based on your appearance and reputation. The truth is that marriage is for mutual and mature minds. I mean we shouldn't marry because the society expects us to do so because society can't give us the respect, harmony, peace and understanding in marriage life, but one fact is true: compatible marriage attracts to us inner happiness and unity. Most celebrities with inflated ego marry to impress the society (friends, fans, families) and not for the joyous bliss of marriage. Believe me or not,
Celebrities like to be free like the bird in the sky, and they are very emotional, indiscipline and even when their close ones try to restrain them, they get irritated. It's just the principle celebrities that survive in marriage. Another celebrity marriage bites the dust. Sad, sad. All relationships and marriages face their challenges, but in the world of Nollywood and fame there are booby traps left and right of being surrounded by gorgeous men and women having nasty, sex-crazy, publicized romance. Celebrities' love relationship is different from that which every Dick, Tom and Harry has to deal with.

Another reason why celebrities' marriage does not last is that many of them exhibit ego which they consider sacrosanct and which when trampled upon as it were results in marital conflict and disintegration.

A case in point is that of Timaya and Empress Njamah- the two famed icon of Nigeria entertainment industry. Both were in unfathomable love relationship before the spirit of pride and ego allegedly erupted from Timaya and he pounded hell out of pretty Empress Njamah. Today their creamy relationship has collapsed like a pack of cards. Miss Empress has regretted ever dating the Egberi Papa of Bayelsa State. Another case in point is that of Fred Amata and Agatha Amata.

Mr. Fred, who couldn't resist the strong power of sex, fell into the arms of Ibinabo Fiberesima, the pretty goddess of Niger-Delta and currently chairman of the Actor Guild of Nigeria (Rivers State branch). Their love relationship also produced a child. This confirms an adage which says, 'Every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed.' The question is, Mr. Fred Amata, where is your wife?

The truth is that people who want to get rich and famous fall into temptation, trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction, as says the Bible.

Agatha Fred
Agatha Fred
Empress Njamah

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