Behind the scene | 21 February 2007 03:42 CET



The offices of in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, were burglarised in the evening of Sunday February 4th 2007 around 18h30. The thieves undertook an extensive rampage of the offices taking with them a new computer, fax machines, telephones and other office appliances.
Furthermore, they damaged doors and pieces of furniture. They also extended the damage to other offices in the same building.

The CEO and founder, Henry Black, had been in the office all day that day and left the premises at about 17h30. A neighbour who didn't hear the continuous streaming online of the radio called him to ask what was going on.
Walking into the premises to find out why the streaming had stopped, the neighbour was the first to discover the disaster.

Mr Black returned immediately to the offices and alerted the Police. An investigation is now open.


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