General News | 1 February 2007 15:09 CET


Actress and mother of one, Eucharia Anunobi, is a very very sad woman and currently fighting what could be rightly tagged one of the toughest battles of her life. Her 7 year-marriage is in tatters, and she`s not finding this funny.

In fact, so bad is the case that her husband, Charls Ekwu, recently eloped from their matrimonial home in (Ikeja, Lagos) without telling her why or even leaving any note for her and their only son, Raymond. To make an already bad situation worse, he was sighted in Europe (Amsterdam, Holland) weeks later where he claimed he had come to begin a new life, abandoning his family in Nigeria.

Eucharia cried out and said “I don`t know what I`ve done to deserve this. Just what have I done to charls to be treated this way? Just what?” Amidst tears, the actress went futher to lament: “I mean I treated this guy nicely, So what have I done to be treated this way? I deserve to be treated nicely by Charls. I know all what I`ve done for him, and look at how he has chosen to repay my goodness”

Our source confirmed to us that Eucharia had been nice to Charls further added that a couple of times in the past, she had assisted him with money running into millions of naira to start business. All in all the man called Charls couldn`t fly with the money.

An action that has not only left Eucharia heartbroken but also crying ever since. Other than their incessant quarrels, we also leant that Charls family never supported the marriage from the world go, but that Eucharia wanted to make it work, she kept enduring and enduring, encouraging Charls to join hands with her and let them shame their detractors.

When our source reached out to Eucharia on Saturday January 20 2007, for her own side of the story, she confirmed it, but pleaded to be left alone. Still hurting very badly, she stated that she `s handed everything over to God and stoutly believes that her God will see her through.
“It is true, but please I don `t want to talk about it….My God will see me through….

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