Nollywood Media | 2 December 2010 08:11 CET

Help For Oluchi: A Documentary On Oluchi & The Slum Behind Lagos Sheraton Hotel

Source: Yinka Ola-Williams/

Ms. Oluchi Samuel now 20 years old from Imo State alongside her 7-month-old baby boy are amongst over 500 homeless residents of a slum community just behind luxury global hotel chain, The Sheraton in Ikeja, Lagos.

The community which includes women and children has existed secretly for about 30 years and it is regarded as the un-official residence of the homeless in Lagos called INDUA REPUBLIC, according to Yinka Ola-Williams, a media and development specialist, who in this video chronicles Oluchi's journey from a village in Imo to a life of acute poverty in Lagos.

Yinka in a short note to NFC alongside the video clip said: “The aim of the research project is to stimulate dialogue and challenge conformity, inform policy and understanding on human security, and a catalyst for a new social order!”

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