Nollywood Glamour | 27 November 2009 19:22 CET

Look groomed at work


Looking flawless at work really boosts your confidence and sends out a positive message to your colleagues and clients. A polished complexion is a must, so start by applying good make-up.

Find a professional makeup artist would tell you the beauty pack that soothes your complexion and such that won't rub off unto your clothes in the office.
This is vital if you want to make a good impression. Also inject some glamour into your office outfits.

Try an androgynous look with wide legged trousers, black pants, shirts of assorted types, and plain and striped designs. Sleek trouser suits and skirt is a must-have for the corporate woman on the move. Finish with a patent heels and good leather shoes. It could be a stiletto or a wedge shoe just gets something trendy and inviting.

Get a big tote handbag, it's a must-have accessory and it's roomy enough so you'll be prepared by any fashion emergency and don't forget that essential compact mirror so you can check your lipstick before any important appointments.

•For quick make-up fix a slick pink lipstick will instantly brighten up your face.
•Keep a spare pair of shoes in your drawer, in case you snap a heel or need them for last minutes meeting or after work party. Have a bottle of perfume handy too, so you can freshen up at a moments notice.

•Make sure you always wear suitable under wear-while lingerie under dark clothes could show up under office lighting.

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