General News | 19 June 2024 13:53 CET

Femi Kuti Bemoans Favoritism For Burn Boy

By Oluwarantimi Oludase 

Controversial Nigerian musician, Seun Kuti, has bemoaned the favoritism which Burna Boy enjoys in terms of awards nominations, while he has put in more effort than the singer.

The controversial Afrobeats singer was recently in in an interview with the Public Republic, where he bemoaned how Burna Boy was given credits for being the first artiste to perform in Coachella in 2020, citing how he had previously performed at Coachella festival in 2012.

He also bemoaned how he had bagged numerous nominations in the past, yet no one in Africa said anything about it, but once it is Burna Boy, they all throw their support behind him.

He bemoaned;
“My brother [Femi Kuti] has been nominated at the Grammys multiple times. They’ve nominated me, I was also nominated in the last edition. It was only my name that they [Nigerian media] didn’t mention among the Nigerian artists who were nominated for the 66th Grammys. That’s what they do every time as if I’m from Togo.

That’s how they said Burna boy was the first Nigerian artiste to play in Coachella in 2020 where me I’ve played in 2012 as if I’m from Togo.”

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