Nollywood Affairs | 17 June 2024 10:12 CET

Actress, Ruby Ojiakor Addresses Rumour Of Having Affair With Late Junior Pope

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Popular Nigerian Nollywood actress, Ruby Ojiakor, has spoken up on the rumours that has been flying around of her affair with late Nollywood actor, Junior Pope.

For sometime now, many people have accused the actress of having an illicit affair with the late actor, it soon became more after the actress was unfollowed by the wife of the late actor, Jennifer followed her on Instagram after her late husband's burial.

The actress has now decided to clarify the rumours, as she stated that she and the late Junior Pope were really close, in fact, he was her big brother, but not that they were having an affair contrary to public opinion. She also stated that the late actor is not the father of her child, Royalty.

She wrote on Instagram;
“Junior Pope was never my boyfriend. There’s no intimacy between myself and Junior Pope. We never dated. Junior Pope was never my intimate friend. He was just my friend. He was more than a friend. He was my big brother,” she said.

“I also see a lot of posts, some persons will just screenshot and send to me and say, ‘Look at what they’re saying, they said he [Junior Pope] is Royalty’s father.’ I just looked at it and I laughed. How can people reason this way? Please and please, Junior Pope is not Royalty’s father. He’s not my daughter’s father. I just want to clarify this.”

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