General News | 16 May 2024 18:41 CET

Burna Boy Opens Up On Reason For Not Having Any Kid

By Oluwarantimi Oludase

Afrobeats star, Damini Ogulu, best known as Burna Boy has opened up on his reasons for not having any kid yet.

The singer was recently live on Instagram, where he had an interactive session with his fans as he shared some personal things about himself. During the live session, the singer was asked why he had no kids yet and he responded saying, he does not think he is ready yet because kids deserve attention and he is really occupied currently to give them that.

He said;
“Why haven’t I had kids yet? Bro, because I don’t want to have kids yet.

“Have you seen my mum the way she loves me? Have you seen my dad the way he loves me?I know I can’t give that to anyone right now with the life I’m living. So until I’m settled and I can be there for my children everyday, I’m not having no kid.

I feel like my kids deserved better than I got. And I got both my mum and dad so you understand?”

The singer also touched on the fact that some people believe he is not healthy as a man who to father kids, he responded to it saying;

“When I see the bants and the things people say [about me not being able to have kids], I said this is unimportant. Let’s assume that it is true that I couldn’t even have kids, you know that there’s something called IVF? But that is not even true.”

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