Hot Issues | 14 July 2023 11:36 CET

Shocking! Burnaboy Is A Gay - A French Real Estate Agent Exposes Burnaboy

By Agboola Ibrahim

Iyvanna Bay, the alleged pregnant side-chick of Davido and a French Real estate agent has revealed her bewilderment about Burnboy', the Grammy award winner's sexual commitment.

Iyvanna Bay who was in the headline a few days ago over a matter bordering on her alleged pregnancy for Davido has revealed during a live session that Burnaboy is likely to be gay.

According to her, she asserted that gay is written on Burnaboy's forehead because he looks like one.

She cited her claim from the fact that Burnaboy barely has cordial relationships or afaffairs with women. She said that he neither has a wife nor a child.

After confirming that Burnaboy is one of the biggest Afrobeats singer, she maintained that his lifestyle is weird.

"I think Burna Boy is gay, he looks like he's gay. I just heard rumors about him.

“He is one of the biggest African Artistes that doesn’t have children, no Babymama. It’s kinna of weird”

Iyvanna said partly

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