General News | 21 May 2023 20:34 CET

Portable Drags Spyro For Refusing To Collaborate With Him

By Agboola Ibrahim

Portable, a controversial singer and skitmaker, has lashed out hot backlashes on his colleague, Spyro, a talented singer, because he declined to collaborate with him.

Singer Portable who is reputed for a loud manner took to his Instagram to share his outburst against Spyro who declined his request for collaboration.

Portable in his Instagram video disclosed that he invited Spyro, an Up-and-coming artiste, to drop a verse to his new song, but, surprisingly, Spyro rejected him on the claim that he cannot sing Portable's pattern.

In reaction, Portable dragged Spyro in the mudd by insulting his defect. According to Portable, his far better than spyro whom nobody Knows. He brags that he has many reach, singles, features songs than the small Spyro.

According to Portable, he can sing better than the renowned music legend, Micheal Jackson,

talk more of the novice, Spyro.
In all, he declared that Spyro is looking for trouble for declining his request.

His Word read partly:
"Syro you wey never blow, you de gara. You say you no for drop chorus, say de no fit song your pattern. You wey be say de still de carry go show, no be you de de pay money for show. You never nah, you de mad. You no how many reach I get, how many show I don go, how many features I get. Even Micheal Jackson no blow reach me. Even I cough, I go blow."

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