General News | 13 May 2023 17:10 CET

Stefflon Don, Burna Boy's Ex Reveals Why She Does Not Take Breakfast

By Agboola Ibrahim

Stefflon Don, the British hip-hop artiste and ex-girlfriend of talented Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, has revealed why she doesn't take breakfast.

Stefflon Don revealed this in a recent interview on the red carpet. This was promoted when she was asked a question bothering on breakfast.

When Stefflon Don was asked If she brushes her teeth before breakfast, she responded rather mildly that she doesn't take it at all.

Furthermore, Stefflon discloses the health benefits attached to skipping breakfast. She spoke contrarily to the wildly believed claim that breakfast is the most essential meal.

In support of her claim, Stefflon Don argues that skipping of breakfast helps weight loss and gives the body a good shape.

her words read;
“I don’t even have breakfast. I’m gonna let you in on a trick, I mean you don’t need it because you are slim. But for the girls that are thick out there and wanna lose a little bit of weight, don’t eat breakfast, eat later, eat about one O’clock. It helps to keep the weight off,” she said.

When asked if not eating breakfast is healthy, Stefflon responded by saying that she is alive and well, so it means there are no health implications.

Stefflon’s comments have generated mixed reactions from the public.

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