Nollywood Voices | 31 May 2020 21:14 CET

Badyouth has been described in the industry as an Artist with manyfacets to his talent as a producer.

By Azeez Olalekan

Kelechi Uche Dike professionally known as BADYOUTH is an Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer.

Badyouth style of music consists of a unique blend of different genres, influenced by Alternative Hiphop R&B, Reggae, Soul and Afrobeats sounds. Badyouth pulls inspiration from these genres as well as various cultures to define his sound which he categorizes as Afro-Fusion.

Artist and songwriter. At present he is creating some gritty and dark edged masterpieces with a base driven undertone, which intoxicates the listeners and allows them to resonate with his music.

His versatility and appreciation for credible and afro beat & alternative music his talent comes honestly, both creatively and as an explorer of life.

Badyouth has an infectious personality and a great sense of humor and is a self-motivator who continues to create cutting edge music.

BADYOUTH has garnered plenty of acclaim for his Afro-fusion sound, which mashes together Afrobeat, R&B, reggae and other genre

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