City Flame | 7 September 2018 12:04 CET

Double Piercings, waist chain Can’t determine who Goes to Heaven…Actress, Maryam Charles

Nollywood actress, Maryam Charles, is seriously frowning at some women who come to criticise ladies wearing leg chain.

The actress stated that she came across a lady on social media who was attacking women who love wearing Jewries on their leg and also calling their husbands name for allowing them wear such.

In her words, “I saw a post on Twitter where one lady attempted to criticize women who wear leg chains. She even goes ahead to insult their husbands saying they are foolish for allowing their wives put it on. In summary, she insinuated that these women are loose.

“I laughed to the depths of my belly at such a naive post because since when did a piece of jewelry determine who is loose? The only thing this lady did not do was call these women prostitutes.

Who is a loose woman? Is the question that has been on my mind. When will people learn to mind their business? Wearing a piece of jewelry doesn't signify that you are easy to get because I know and have heard of women who don't even use make up doing the most evil things.

What you wear doesn't define you as a woman. Double piercings, waist chain or leg chain/anklet is not what will determine who will go to heaven.”

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