City Flame | 3 September 2018 13:19 CET

Movie Producer, Ikenna Best Reveals how he Tore a Man’s Cloth over his Woman

In this era where many don’t believe that true love exist then you need to hear the funny story behind Nollywood producer’ Ikenna Best’s love journey.

The versatile producer being the young lover he was needed to fight for his love and it was worth it after he beat up a man who was busy asking his woman out.

Ikenna disclosed that he was dating his woman when a dude in their regular way of life kept disturbing her and on a faithful day, his woman told him she was going to the beach with her friends only to discover that the toaster was there.

He had to drive two hours down to the beach where he ended up beating the guy and tearing his shirt just to protect what is rightfully his.

In his words, “Before we got married, I went to Badagry beach and beat up her toaster and tore the guy’s cloth because she told me she’s going to the beach with friends, but I later heard the guy’s is at the beach already. I drove 2hours to the beach and display my Jackie Chan talent in December 17th, 2013.”

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