City Flame | 19 August 2018 07:13 CET

Kannywood Actress, Nafisat Abdullahi Losses Mother

Kannywood actress, Nafisat Abdullahi, is currently bereaved as the actress recently lost her beloved mother who has stood and supported the family all through.

It has not been a tough and mourning period for the whole family but God will surely see and protect them through the struggles.

Sharing her sad moments with grateful heart, she wrote, “16 years ago, one of the two walls we had shattered when my father died... and you never allowed us felt his absence, you built another wall again for us, August 14th, Tuesday at 12:06am The one wall we had Shattered again along with the one that was rebuilt by her.

“My mother was, and still is everything to me, my sisters and brothers, along with many other people she touched and put a smile on. I cannot put to words how your departure broke me,I have no idea how to recover from this, Amma Akwai Allah! We are trying to be strong and I’m praying to God to shine his light into our lives, to help us go through this dark times to help us move on and be happy just as she wants and wishes!!! Ya Allah ka bamu ikon jure rashin ki ah rayuwa. Me and my family really appreciate everyone’s du’a, the people that came physically or mentally,the ones who called even though it wasn’t possible to answer all of them and any other possible way, We really thank you very much for the undying love. Allah ya bar mu tare.”

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