General News | 19 August 2018 05:27 CET

I’m Going to Address Issues when I Become Governor-Actor, Kenneth Okonkwo

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo, has been working hard to ensure that he gets enough votes to see him win the governorship seat in Enugu state and no matter the negative vibes he has been getting in some quarters, he has not allowed that bother him.

The actor has not been in the good books of some especially when he finally announced that he will be running under the All Progressive Congress (APC) party, which turned some people off as they believe that a man like him shouldn’t have gone for such party for best reasons known to them.

Well, no going back now as his train campaign has been moving really fast and recently, he was at Udi Local Government and Nsukka, where the people renewed their confidence in their son, Dr Kenneth Okonkwo, to run and win the gubernatorial seat of Enugu State come 2019.

To prove his promises to his people he wrote, “I thank the good people of Udi Local Government for a wonderful welcome to their Local Government. I look forward to addressing some of their pressing needs when I come in as the Governor of Enugu State.”

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