Music News | 29 June 2018 11:21 CET

Nigerians Needs to wake up and demand accountability…Singer, Ruggedman

Nigerian singer, Ruggedman is seriously fuming at the attitude of the Nigerian government over the lives of its citizens considering the high rate of killings in the country.

The past one week has been a very dreadful one in the country and the latest that has gotten everyone talking in the tanker explosion which has claimed lives in Lagos.

Singer, Ruggedman who has never been happy with the government activities and negligence has come out to stress that a lot of things are going wrong because some people take money and end up paying deaf ears to needs of the masses.

“How many times have we said "may their souls rest in peace" this year alone? Petrol or flammable liquid isn’t transported on public roads, especially during the day in other countries. WILL THE OWNER OF THE TANKER BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE? OR WILL SOME BASTARDS COLLECT BRIBE AND SWEEP THIS UNDER THE RUG?

“Continue to act like money and power is everything. The Nigerians God will punish for wickedness against the citizenry are many. God is not sleeping. Your days are numbered. So many things being done wrong in this country, all because some people are collecting money to look the other way. The citizenry always pay the price, sometimes like today with their lives. May the people responsible never know peace.

“The day Nigerians will wake up and demand accountability, I will be right there to support the loudest. I hope that day comes sooner than later, because we have lost and are still losing too much because of a greedy heartless few. Stop praying for Nigeria and start praying against bad leaders. #NigeriaNeedsYouToWakeUp.”

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