Foreign | 18 June 2018 12:11 CET

Ghanaian actor, Frederick Nuamah Expecting a Baby Soon

Ghanaian actor, Frederick Nuamah, is an expectant father and he cannot hide the joy behind such journey as his woman is due to deliver in some couple of months.

Just like many fathers who recently celebrated father’s day, his woman, Martekor, could not hide how happy she is as she celebrated her man along.

According to her, “just want to let you know You mean the world to me Only a heart as dear as yours Would give so unselfishly. The many things you’ve done. All the times that you were there. Help me know deep down inside. How much you really care. Even though I might not say I appreciate all you do. Richly blessed is how I feel. Having a father just like you. Thanks for being the best daddy ever to our little muffin. We love you always & forever.”

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