Commics News | 7 June 2018 13:29 CET

I Can Wear Hijab in the Church…Actress, Helen Paul

Nollywood actress cum comedian, Helen Paul, is not happy with the way some Nigerians especially the religious fanatics on how they perceive the term ‘religion’.

The actress who has been making skits portraying herself like the Muslims just to drive home her point as come out to state that as an actor, she should be able to depict any character freely without any form of criticism.

The actress stated that Hijab is actually a head covering and should not be seen as religion because they are two different things.

According to her, “I am an actor that uses costumes to depict a character. Hijab is a head covering. Hijab is not a religion. Islam is a religion of peace not of war.”

The actress while responding to a fan who made an attempt to attack her by asking if she can wear the covering to church, she was quick to state that “why not and if not. They should even welcome me. Look no rejection.”

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