Music News | 23 May 2018 17:39 CET

South African Singer, AKA Laments as All Hard works have been taken down

South African rapper, AKA is not happy with the turnout of things in his career as he is set to part ways with his record label.

Of recent, things have been turning ugly for the singer as almost all his works have been taken down from some various music platforms thereby affecting the number of followers he has accumulated for himself.

The singer took to his social media handle to share with his fans that he is about to release his 3rd and final album before saying farewell to his label who seems not to be happy with his decision.

According to him, “Tomorrow is the deadline for me to hand in my 3rd and final album. For me it’s bittersweet right now because my videos were removed off YouTube and reloaded yesterday, in the process, wiping out millions of views. My debut album, “Altar Ego” has been taken down multiple platforms. All my hard work and sacrifice. But you know what, my music and legacy stays alive in your hearts and memories. All you need to know is that people are trying to control me and my legacy. They cannot erase me. They will not derail me. They will only make me stronger. The music industry is f***** exactly because people exploit artists and try and control & contain their talent. You all know exactly who is doing what. One thing is for sure, come the 15th of June, I know you’ll have my back. Nobody can stop us. I need your support more than ever. So please be patient and keep me in your prayers and thoughts. Every dog has its day ... believe that. This is exactly why the recording industry is in the state it’s in. #SuckMyBlood . but right now, let’s stay focused on the goal. #TouchMyBlood coming soon.”

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