City Flame | 23 April 2018 12:45 CET

Don’t Judge Toyin Aimakhu with her Past…Actress, Lizzy Anjorin Warns

Popular Yoruba actress, Lizzy Anjorin, is one of many celebs/ladies that don’t like talking down about others and she is ready to fit anyone that tries to hurt anyone close to her.

The actress recently stood up for her fellow woman and actress, Toyin Aimakhu, whom some few haters have been dragging in the mud due to her past relationship with actor, Adeniyi Johnson which did not work out between the two love birds.

They have tried to remain best of friends but the old wound still lingers in the heart of many who feels the actress was at fault as they came haunting her but Lizzy will not allow such to happen to a fellow lady who is dear to her.

According to Lizzy, “IF YOU DON'T WANT THE WRATH OF GOD. DON'T EVER HURT TOYIN AIMAKHU WITH HER PAST. Few days ago, one fool wanted to act like someone that was possessed by evil spirit. She never knew she was about to confront my demon one on one.

I spoke with @toyin_abraham and I wish God should meet some people in their dreams and see how they are killing Toyin, me and some other celebrities based on what they wrote on Social Media. Since I had a conversation with her, I felt terribly bad. Let me say this to you straight. Toyin has put smiles on many faces through her God given talents. She mean no harm. she is hard working and she is a special being. she did this or that. No. She never made a mistake in dating anybody but destiny is a bastard. She is still single and yet to have a baby . She is lonely. You are killing her gradually you might see her look healthy and beautiful but behind closed doors nko? When you keep reminding her of her past, it will only make her feel unloved. She is a strong lady and nobody has Toyin Aimakhu Abraham's acting records in history in the whole wide world. Sebi eyin na bi mo. (you have your own family) We all made one or two mistakes before our creator. Who are you to make your fellow human cry?Am begging everyone of you today, if you don't want to cry over things GOD has given you. DO NOT REMIND HER OF HER PAST? I beg you in the name of Almighty ALLAH.

Please, even if she misbehave, abuse her with somthing else not her past. Since you derived so much joy in abusing celebrities, na God work you they abuse and you shall meet your waterloo very soon. Please, tell the whole world that I sent a message to them about Toyin Aimakhu. Toyin, be happy God loves you and that's why He makes you special. Be happy my love because you are beautiful and wonderfully made.”

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