Music News | 5 April 2018 11:02 CET

Singer, Banky W now Uber’s Ambassador, Helps his Driver to Wealth

If there is one celeb that is thinking business wise then one of such fellow should be singer, Banky W, who from day one has been a business man.

The singer silently put part of his business skills to test by acquiring a car for his driver whom he asked to join the Uber train with the car as it will enable him to make extra income for himself rather than seat back and wait for him all day.

Banky after several months of seeing how productive the business has been decided to share the progress story with a promise of helping other youths whjo are ready to come on board.

The proceeds made from the uber business is being shared equally with his driver as he is still entitled to his monthly salary.

“One of my favourite quotes is the one that says: "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a meal. Teach a man to fish and you've fed him for life." I believe very strongly in putting the people around me in a position to be more successful. My driver @lado212 is an awesome guy and I wanted him to be able to earn more than just his salary & tips, so I got a small car and we put it on Uber, that way instead of him sitting around all day waiting for me while I'm in the studio, office, or on set, he can hit the road and generate income for us and then we split it at the end of the month. It's worked so well that I am now really hoping to continue to do this for more of the young people around me, as God gives me grace.

“I'm so excited and honoured to be @ubernigeria 's first Brand Ambassador. I genuinely love the service and I've been an avid rider for years - the convenience of it just made my life so much easier, home and abroad. I also love that it helps create employment for young people and I want to encourage more car owners, if they can, to use the service as a way to help more people around them and earn money on the side at the same time. And even if all you ever do is use an Uber as your designated driver when you're out having drinks it makes too much sense. You should just #BankOnUber . I am, and I do #brandambassador ,” he wrote.

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