City Flame | 29 March 2018 13:26 CET

2Baba should Stop Killing the Plantashun Boiz Brand…Singer, Blackface Blast

Sometimes some of us seat back to ask questions about singer 2Baba and Balckface rift, will it ever end? Who is really at fault or saying the truth and many other questions?

Well, some days back, Blackface was watching his former colleague, 2baba singer one of their old single on stage unfortunately, he could not sing all the lines because he did not know the part which arguably was Blackface’s part.

Immediately Blackface saw that error, he called him out making it known to him that it is not about music but professionalism which is what he lacks.

According to Blackface, “You don forget the lyrics? Yes. because no be your part, and also you no do rehearsals but you want perform! Don't you think the fans deserve more? when I kick against stuffs like this you call it hate? Naaaa @official2baba it’s called #professionalism #don’t go singing #PlantashunBoiz Songs.. don't go killing the #brand #getsensesunday .”

“If this isn't the highest level of sabotage I wonder what [email protected] do you think you can win this with these lame tricks ? Very old and outdated I must tell you,when stuffs happened to you me and @fazealone never had anyone represent you but just because you're bent on killing the brand #PlantashunBoiz and sabotaging me only you can do such ,you heard people calling you a mad man? You better change your ways now because believe me the world is watching & Jah overseas !!! #getsensesunday ”

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