Foreign | 27 March 2018 12:43 CET

Singer, Samini Dagaat Shows off 24acres of Farm, Set to begin Onions Importation (photos)

Rather than seat back and complain about the economy of the country some Ghanaian celebs like actor, John Dumelo, legendary singer, Samini Dagaat and others are trying to make a change in the country.

The duo surprised many as they also took to farming and other businesses. While John is busy raring animals like Goats, he also has cassava farm and other plantations.

Recently, singer, Samini got his fans applauding his efforts as his Onions plantations are ready for harvest in large quantity.

These celebs are already seeing great potentials in Agriculture as the way forward for Africa and they have already taken the bold step at ensuring they add value to the country’s economy and not just depend on the country alone.

Sharing pics from his 24acres of land, he wrote, “my onions are ready for harvest and my people are at work already. Can’t wait to see the whole heap soon. This pic if from my 12 acre project in Upper East region. We have farms in different parts of the country and at the right time I’ll take y’all on tour folks.”

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