Celebrity | 2 March 2018 11:36 CET

Fame will Never Guarantee you Money…Singer, D’banj Warn Youths

Nigerian singer, D’banj, has been able to remain relevant in the music industry not because he has been releasing hot singles, but because he has been able to understand how to further push himself.

Speaking at the Social Media Week, the entertainer explained that fear of being poor made him think outside the box on how to create wealth for himself.

He urged youths to have a rethink about what they want to do with their lives as fame will not guarantee them money.

“The fear of being poor made me think out of the box to create wealth for myself and remain relevant. Fame will not guarantee you money; fame will not give you wealth, but it can give you what you need if you channel it properly. Channelling your fame properly to create wealth is another advantage that stands you out,” D’banj said.

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