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Actress, Naomi Nkechi Applauds Pastor over Offering

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Newly wedded Nollywood actress, Naomi Nkechi Amara, is still enjoying her marital bliss and will not like to be disturbed for now as she begins a new institution.

Well, as she continues to run her home, she had decided to attend a church programme recently but got amazed in the process with the action of the man of God.

The actress shared that she was surprised that the man of God was so truthful with the things he did as he disclosed that he never collected offering more than three times in the one week programme.

“In a church in this Nigeria? Am still surprised! I was invited to a church programme that will last for a week and on the first day of me attending after intensive prayer, worship and preaching what i was expecting next is offering but the pastor said the spirit of GOD told him not to collect offering that during the 1 week programme offering will be collected only three times which is tuesday, friday and Sunday that it was GOD's instruction I was shocked and am still shocked!

May GOD bless the real men of GOD serving him truthfully. (Thinking....I might change my church),” she wrote.

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