Music News | 27 December 2017 15:30 CET

Singer, Ruggedman Lays Curse on Anyone that Votes for Corrupt Nigerian Politician

Singer, Ruggedman, is seriously not happy with the way things are going on in the country especially in the economy and all thanks to bad government.

Nigerians have really lamented over the constant hardship being faced and yet the government of the day is not helping or thinking in the right direction about its citizens.

Ahead of the elections that will be coming up in 2018, singer, Ruggedman, has laid a curse on a citizen that does not think twice before casting his/her vote for any politician.

In his words, “Election'll be here soon.All d deaf n dumb politicians'll miraculously b healed. The ones with amnesia too. Dey'll suddenly remember u exist n will go into markets to sit with pepper/corn sellers n ride okada to FAKE connecting with the masses. God punish anyone who supports them.”

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