Couples/Break-ups | 26 December 2017 13:35 CET

Actor, Desmond Elliot Reveals Calabar Woman who has Been Running his Marriage

We recent news of various failed marriages among some Nigerian celebrities, it tends to create much fear in the hearts of their fans who look up to them.

Nollywood actor cum politician, Desmond Elliot, could not hide how much love he feels for his wife who has stood by him all through the years and during dark moments.

The actor took out time to appreciate his woman who has been the bed rock of his home and he travels around ensuring he helps create a better life for other.

His marriage has indeed been a blessing from God and celebrating his wedding anniversary that has pushed him to share it with his fans so it can help motivate some couples who might be planning to divorce each other.

Marriage is really not bed of roses and those who are in it can attest to it as it only takes the grace of God for couples to overcome various temptations that comes with it along with challenges which could sometimes bring tears down the eyes of those involved.

Celebrating his wife, the actor wrote, “Anyone who knows this beautiful damsel should please let her know how much I love and appreciate her. I decided to use this picture just to give you an insight to what her life is about. Me? Oh I’m just the seat belt, she’s the one behind the wheels, the driver of my family, my heart , my life , my motivator . That’s a woman who hardly sleeps, makes sure the kids are in bed , do their homework and are ready for school the next day .She doesn’t do them because she has to , she does them because she wants to .Behind her are gifts she’s personally bought and brought to Surulere ,then she puts on the Santa Claus costume and is on the road blessing lives . After that she has an event to attend. Whew what a gift God has given .Today is our wedding anniversary, I have nothing but appreciation and love to show to you babes, my babami, ufang mi. Thank you my love.”

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